Founded in 2015, InternWorks (formerly InternBoston) began as an on-site summer internship program for high school and college students in the greater Boston area. Our mission was simple—to create internship opportunities for students that allowed them to explore careers that they were interested in AND to give them the tools they needed to excel in these internships as well as in their future education and workplace experiences. InternWorks continues to build partnerships with valued employers and mentors who are committed to providing our students with opportunities to learn about their organization as well as about prospective careers. Today, InternWorks offers onsite/hybrid internships in select U.S. locations and remote internships nationwide with summer, school year, and gap year options. Many of our students participate in our virtual programs from around the world.


Robin Neff Clebnik

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Robin has more than 30 years of combined experience in business development, training, and consulting. Prior to founding InternWorks, Robin led the mentor acquisition initiative for a well-known, state-run career exploration program in Massachusetts. During that time, she recognized that a comprehensive internship program that includes guided support and structured educational components would best ensure that students have the right skills to succeed in their internships and future employment. In 2016, Robin assembled a team of experienced career education professionals to launch InternBoston, which soon became a successful on-site internship program in the Greater Boston area. In 2020, the company expanded and rebranded as InternWorks, adding both virtual and research internships. Robin leads her team in the implementation of all internship programs, student engagement, employer partner outreach efforts, and curriculum development. Robin brings passion, energy, dedication, and relationship-building expertise to build a broad and diverse array of committed employer partners. InternWorks partners range from start-ups to well-established companies, non-profits, research institutions, and top-tier universities.

Beth Stewart

Director of Communications & Content Development

Beth directs all internal, student-driven, and external communications and publications at InternWorks, including developing digital content for our career readiness curriculum components, website content, and marketing/promotional materials. Beth directed strategic communications at InternBoston for 4 years and was integral to the rebrand to InternWorks. Beth also works as an independent resume writer and career development consultant, which started following her tenure as a career counselor for MBA students at Rutgers Business School in New Jersey. Additionally, Beth is a freelance curriculum development writer with 20+ years of experience in educational publishing. Beth enjoys the highly energetic collaborative working environment with the InternWorks team. She is committed to producing curriculum materials that are robust, topical, and presented in a variety of mediums that not only keep students interested and motivated but also provide a foundation to apply career readiness skills to their college and career pathways.

Susan Melaugh

Director of Internship Programs

Sue is our Director of Internship Programs after successfully directing InternBoston's Internship Coaches for the past 5 years. Sue has 10+ years of experience placing high school students into both summer and academic-year internships. As an educator for over 30 years, Sue has been fortunate to have built a fulfilling and gratifying career working with students of every age. Becoming part of InternWorks is yet another avenue in which Sue will have a positive impact on students’ education. Helping students explore a career and maximize their educational experience is a natural fit for Sue and her desire to see every student succeed drives her to develop meaningful connections with all her interns. Susan strives to ensure a terrific experience by being able to successfully navigate both the host organization and the student aspects of the internship.

Amy Sherter Less

Internship Coach

Amy has more than 25 years of business experience in a variety of industries including retail, telecommunications, advertising, and education. In addition to being part of InternBoston's Internship Coach team for the past 4 years, Amy worked as a consultant in the nonprofit sector, where she helped organizations successfully increase their donor reach. She also worked with several small businesses, assisting them in increasing their market presence. Amy’s broad knowledge of industry combined with her many years of volunteering in schools enables her to give her students a unique perspective of what careers might align with their areas of education and interest. Amy excels at working with her students to determine their career exploration options based on their interests, skills, unique personalities, and passions. She enjoys coaching students, helping them strengthen their interviewing skills, guiding them through the internship process, and seeing them excel in their internship.

Heidi Graynor

Internship Coach

Heidi has worked in the corporate business sector, with a focus on book publishing, for more than 30 years. Heidi worked for Penguin Random House (the largest book publisher in the world) for more than 20 years, where she had many roles, including corporate event planning, sales administration, marketing, and publicity. Additionally, Heidi is a corporate event consultant, where she excels in project managing and cultivating client relations. Throughout her career, Heidi has interviewed numerous candidates and conducted staff performance reviews, a vital skill set she uses to help her students sharpen their interviewing skills and prepare them for their workplace experience. Heidi meets students where they are, encouraging their growth and confidence. Heidi joined InternWorks in 2020. As an internship coach, she enjoys connecting with students by discussing their career interests, helping them identify a potential career path, building the right internship experience, and helping them enhance their career readiness skills.