June 8, 2022

Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume

As a recent high-school or college graduate, you may have little or no experience. This is why it’s critical that the experience you do have is presented on your resume in a way that makes an impact. Most prospective employers won’t consider moving forward with an applicant whose resume appears sparse, weak, or not compelling. What can you do? Avoid overused or weak language and instead, convey your experience in a way that shows off the work you’ve done. Use these quick fixes to transform your resume from dull to polished. Examples of words and phrases that don’t belong on your resume and what to use instead.  1st Person/Personal Pronouns: The first-person pronoun “I” Is implied and does not belong on a resume. Using it is repetitive and takes up space. Instead, start statements with an action verb.  Use: Researched data about city demographics. NOT I researched data about city demographics. Responsible for/Duties included: These phrases are passive and overused. […]
April 8, 2022

Email Etiquette in the Workplace

The adage “communication is key” has many applicable uses and is especially true in the workplace. While some companies are adopting communication tools such as Slack, Teams, Trello, and Google Chat as primary communication methods, according to The American Genius, the most common form of workplace communication is email. “There appears to be a general consensus that while social networks are useful to achieve work-related goals, email remains the undisputed communications tool in the enterprise.” And email is an effective tool when it’s used correctly.  Have you ever received an email that was confusing? Have you ever sent an email that might have been unclear? These situations are frustrating–especially in the workplace where people are often relying on email to do their jobs. However, email communication can be greatly improved by adhering to some basic email etiquette guidelines–both when sending and replying to emails.  Sending Email Correct email format is essential. Keep these five basic rules in mind: Include a […]
March 4, 2022

The Importance of LinkedIn for Students

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It helps its over 500 million users find the right job or internship and connect with other professionals in their industry. Similar to a resume, your LinkedIn profile showcases your professional experiences and interests. However, LinkedIn does not duplicate your resume, it supplements it.  Why is it Important? Using LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to create a strong profile that represents your personal brand. This includes displaying your skills, achievements, work history, and more. LinkedIn is an important online tool to connect with faculty, alumni, other students, and administration professionals of prospective colleges.  If you’re a high school or college student without much experience, this is an opportunity to showcase what experiences and interests you do have. Use your profile to showcase what you aspire to be, while still highlighting your valuable talents. Profile Basics: The top portion of your LinkedIn profile is the first thing viewers see when […]
February 3, 2022

How to Test Drive Different Careers as a High School Student

As a high school student, trying to figure out what you want to study and perhaps eventually have as a career–while exciting–can be daunting. The process requires time and the space to let yourself grow as you try on different career hats.  So what can you do now? High school is the perfect time to research career fields and perhaps “test drive” different careers to find out which field you may one day want to pursue. You may ask yourself, “Well, how can I do that?” Here are a few suggestions and resources you can use to assist you in doing career research. who knows, maybe you’ll discover your passion. Join School Clubs Interested in writing or photography? Join the school newspaper! Are you interested in entrepreneurship or learning more about different areas of business? Find out if your school has its own DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) chapter. This club encourages skill development and the exploration of various […]
January 6, 2022

Thinking about a Summer Internship? Now is the Time to Plan!

With the second half of the school year getting underway and colder temperatures in many parts of the world, it’s hard to imagine planning for summer. Between attending school, studying, participating in extracurricular activities, and fitting in a personal life, thinking about what to do over the summer shouldn’t even be on the radar. Or should it? According to U.S. News & World Report (Sorensen, 2022), “Because competition for summer jobs and internships can be stiff, you should start seeking out such opportunities months in advance.” So now is the perfect time to start thinking about and planning a summer internship.   Why An Internship? Getting hands-on experience in a career field is a valuable way to spend time in the summer. For high school and college students, internships are primarily experience-focused, which means they are designed to introduce students to an industry or career area. For some, it confirms a chosen career area; for others it may create an interest […]
December 9, 2021

What Does Your Online Presence Say About You?

With summer internships just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your social media presence. In a digital culture that emphasizes posting your highlight reel on Instagram, it’s a good idea to rethink not only how you want to portray yourself on social media, but also how you want potential colleges and employers to perceive you and your brand. In the current job-search climate, scouring a candidate’s social media pages is considered fair game. In fact, in 2o19, 36% of admissions officers (Kaplan, 2020) and 70% of employers reported visiting potential candidates’ social media pages. In 2020, that 70% jumped to 98% of employers (The Manifest, 2020). So, what can you do to ensure that you’re putting your best digital foot forward?  For starters, take inventory of your personal online presence. What social media or discussion platforms do you use? Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Are there any accounts you used years ago that may still be active? Decide […]