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September 9, 2022

You’ve Already Been Accepted to College. Should You Still Get an Internship?

Fall semester is a busy time for high school seniors prepping for college: SATs, ACTs, college applications, college tours, and AP courses. Once you receive that acceptance letter from your school of choice, your first instinct might be to sit back and lighten the load until graduation. It is important to take a deep breath and enjoy your last few months of high school; however, just because your college admission is set in stone doesn’t mean your resume should be left untouched until you apply for a job. While the fall is overwhelming, it’s a great opportunity to talk to your academic counselor about fitting an internship into your spring or summer schedule. Even just a few months of experience before beginning your freshman year will provide you with skills that can have an impact on your future professors, coaches, employers, and most importantly – you.  Here are a few benefits of landing an internship between opening that acceptance letter […]