Internships for high school students

March 10, 2021
internships for high school students

InternWorks Discusses the Many Benefits of Internships for High School and College Students

Today, finding an entry-level position that requires no prior experience is almost unheard of. In today’s economic climate, employers are looking for candidates who stand out during the interview process and whose resume showcases their relevant work experience. One of the best ways for candidates to distinguish themselves while demonstrating their capabilities is to have completed an internship in their desired field. InternWorks is well known throughout education communities for providing experience-focused internships for high school students as well as college students. InternWorks discusses the many benefits of participating in an internship or summer enrichment program and how it can help distinguish students during their future employment searches.  Test a Career Path Before Committing to It  Several recent surveys have found that 20-50% of college freshmen enter college as an “undecided major,” and close to 75% of students will change their major once before graduation. It is rare that a person intrinsically knows their desired career path from a young age. However, […]