June 8, 2022

Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume

As a recent high-school or college graduate, you may have little or no experience. This is why it’s critical that the experience you do have is presented on your resume in a way that makes an impact. Most prospective employers won’t consider moving forward with an applicant whose resume appears sparse, weak, or not compelling. What can you do? Avoid overused or weak language and instead, convey your experience in a way that shows off the work you’ve done. Use these quick fixes to transform your resume from dull to polished. Examples of words and phrases that don’t belong on your resume and what to use instead.  1st Person/Personal Pronouns: The first-person pronoun “I” Is implied and does not belong on a resume. Using it is repetitive and takes up space. Instead, start statements with an action verb.  Use: Researched data about city demographics. NOT I researched data about city demographics. Responsible for/Duties included: These phrases are passive and overused. […]