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August 5, 2021

Science and Research: Interning On-Site and Virtually

At InternWorks, our goal is to develop internships for all of our students, assuring they will gain valuable work experience and get a glimpse into their desired career fields. Two of our high school students share their experience interning at a research lab at a top hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Both students share a different perspective on a similar internship.  High School Junior – On Site in the Greater Boston Area (Summer 2019) Before applying to colleges, I was itching for some valuable, hands-on experience and to get a taste of the future that I was planning for myself. I was very interested in majoring in science, so I applied to InternWorks, and they could not have found a more well-suited internship for me. I began my medical research internship working at a laboratory at a major hospital in the middle of Boston’s medical hub. The lab was studying preeclampsia, a condition that occurs in some pregnant women that can […]
April 18, 2024

3 Skills You’ll Gain From a Custom Internship

Custom internships offer a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and experience tailored to their interests and career goals. Unlike traditional internships, which may focus solely on completing tasks for a specific company, custom internships prioritize the development of skills that will benefit students in their future careers.
May 28, 2024

6 Qualities Employers Look for in Interns

Internships are a critical stepping stone in career development, offering students a valuable opportunity to hone their skills and gain real-world experience. These practical experiences not only prepare students for the workforce but also provide them with a competitive edge in the job market. Employers prioritize certain skills when selecting interns, making it essential for students to focus on developing these highly sought-after attributes.