internship experience

August 10, 2022

The Value of Experience Over a Paycheck

An unpaid internship: You may be asking, Why would I do that? We asked one of our summer interns about her recent internship experience and what she took away from it.  Q: You were an unpaid intern this summer. How do you feel about doing work without getting a paycheck?  A: First of all, I want to say that my internship was an incredible experience. I interned with a local advocacy organization and had a wonderful mentor who taught me a lot. I viewed the internship as more of a learning experience. I had a set number of projects and tasks to complete, but even though I was able to contribute, I felt I was learning a lot. As far as being unpaid, the experience itself is more valuable than a paycheck.  Q: In what ways was being an unpaid intern worth more than working a part-time job during the summer?  A: Actually, I was able to do both! My […]